My Story


Hello There!

I am Veronica Lynn, and Welcome to my little corner of the internet!

I wanted to create a modern, faith based lifestyle blog in order to document my life in all of its chaotic wonderfulness!

I am in my early twenties, a wife to my incredible husband Josh and momma to my little love Sophie and my two fur babies, Elsa and Rexx. I am also a coffee addict and an avid reader. I enjoy nature just as much as I do shopping, and I love re-watching my favorite Netflix series’ over and over again. So I guess basically you could say I am delightfully normal!

Since I was young I have loved doing anything and everything creative. My interests range from fashion to physics, and literally everything in between. And I really do mean EVERYTHING! While I was growing up I got asked all the time (as many young kids do) what I wanted to be when I grew up. Sometimes I would answer with actress, singer, designer, marketing executive, and even chemical engineer. But in the back of my mind and in my heart, I always knew that my first and most important job would be to become a wife and a mother. I am a proud homemaker and I truly do believe it is what God made me for.

Even after I became a wife and mother, I knew that I would need something, as all of us do, to use as my creative outlet. Blogging is something I always wanted to do, but would use excuses in order to delay pursuing it. I would tell myself things like “I am not ready until I get a laptop.” Or “I just don’t have the funds right now.” And my favorite “What if people judge me or don’t like what I have to say?” All of these were thoughts that ran through my head for years and years. Now I look back and laugh to myself while I think “Veronica, you will never be ready for what you want to do. So just DO IT!”

I can confidently say now it was not meant to be until now. But I am so incredibly happy that this is finally where I am at in my life!

So please join me on my journey as I attempt to navigate this crazy, wonderful thing called life!

-Veronica Lynn

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